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Expert Tips for Moving House With Children and Pets

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

There’s no denying that moving house can be a pretty testing time, but when you add pets and young children into the mix, it can be an especially challenging experience.

From packing up your belongings and organising the logistics, plus managing the needs of your furry or little loved ones — moving house with children and pets can feel like an impossible task. However, with some careful planning and preparation, you can secure a smooth and stress-free transition for everyone.

How to seamlessly move house with children and pets

Here are some of our expert top tips for moving home with young children and pets:

1. Start early

Moving house with young children and pets requires extra time and attention, so start planning in advance. Make a checklist of tasks that need to be completed, such as booking a removal firm, arranging transportation, and letting your children's school or nursery know about the move.

Begin packing early and try to complete a few small tasks each day to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Looking for some help on the planning front? Our ultimate moving house checklist comes with heaps of helpful advice.

2. Talk to your children about the big day

Moving can be a big change for young children and it's important to prepare them for what's coming. Talk to your children about the move and what it means for them. Answer any questions they might have and try to involve them in the process as much as possible. For example, let them help pack their own toys (even if you do have to reorganise them a little later).

We'd say do the same for your furry friends, but unless you're Dr Dolittle we're not sure they will understand you. Always worth a try though, right?

3. Try to keep routines consistent

Moving house can be disruptive to daily routines, which can be especially challenging for young children and pets. Try to keep routines as consistent as possible during the moving process, such as mealtimes and bedtimes. This can help to provide a sense of stability and security for your children and pets.

4. Prepare your pets

Moving can be stressful for pets, too. so it's important to prepare them for the transition. Make sure your pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and have identification tags with your new address. If your pets are anxious or prone to travel sickness, talk to your vet about possible solutions.

5. Pack a 'moving day' essentials bag

Pack a bag with essentials that you'll need on moving day, such as snacks, toys to play with, a change of clothes and any medication they need, too. Having these items easily accessible can help to reduce stress and keep everyone comfortable during the big move.

6. Keep your pets safe and secure

During the move, it's important to keep your pets secured and away from any potential hazards or danger. This could mean keeping them in a crate or carrier, or in a separate room with the door closed. Make sure your pets have access to water and food in their dedicated area.

7. Leave your pet with a loved one

To be totally honest, on moving day, it may be helpful to hire a pet sitter or have a trusted friend or family member look after your furry friend and keep them out of the way altogether. This can help to reduce anxiety for both you and your pet, as well as ensure their safety while the movers are loading and unloading your belongings.

8. Leave your children with a loved one

While moving day can be exciting for children, it can also be a little overwhelming, so you might want to consider hiring a babysitter or asking a reliable family member or friend to take your little ones out for the day.

Alternatively, if they're a little older and can keep themselves occupied, then have a plan in place to keep them entertained, like setting up a designated play area with toys and snacks.

Saint Removals — the removal experts

We hope you found our 'moving with young children guide' a useful one! At Saint Removals we’re all about making your move as smooth sailing is can be, whether that’s through our helpful advice or reliable services! Looking for some more moving tips? Check our advice hub, it's full to the brim with moving, storing and packing advice.

Looking to hire a removal company to ensure your move is stress-free? Then look no further than Saint Removals, with a combined 25 years of removal experience between us, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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